Your First Visit

We are so excited to see you! As you enter the main doors, a greeter will be waiting to meet you. This person will lead you to our children’s wing. There will be a form there for you to fill out so our teachers/volunteers will know the important things about you and your child. The welcome team member will then show you to the correct connection group for your child and the right one for you!

After Connection Groups is worship and ETC. Children from birth-Kindergarten will stay in their connection group room for ETC. During this time children learn a biblical truth, have worship and also have a time to play. ETC is provided during both services, but note that if going to the first service, you will pick your child up after the service and then go to breakfast before coming back to connection groups. Children in 1st-6th grade must be picked up after connection groups.

We encourage our 1st-6th graders to participate in the adult worship service. It is a great opportunity for them to see you worship and see other believers worship. We also realize the need for personalized worship for children. For this reason, we have children’s church the first Sunday of every month. This is for 1st-6th grade. On this day you will pick your child up from connection groups and take them down to the multi-purpose room. During this service we will have worship, a sermon, an offering and interactive time.

We have a very friendly church family and we all want you to feel comfortable and welcome. You can ask anyone for help if you feel lost about where to go.