The Family of God

As the Pastor of South Elm Street Baptist Church, I feel that God is leading me to focus on family. Our goal is to build an atmosphere of family. What exactly do we mean by family? The dictionary tells us that a family is comprised of all of the people living in a house. A family can further be defined as children of the same parents, or a group of people related through a common ancestry, clan or tribe. As Christians, we are all members of one family, the family of God. We have one Father, God. We have this common relationship through faith in Jesus Christ.

This year our church has attempted to build on the idea of family. We have done so by having three Family Night Meals which have been cooked and provided and served by the staff of the church. We utilized one Sunday evening in June, one in July, and one in August to serve the church family. In the first meal, we observed Communion right around the tables just as we concluded the meal. The second, our people met and went out and carried the treat bags our church had prepared for the employees of every business around our church. When the teams finished distributing those bags, we came together for a meal. The last meal we had was simply a time of fellowship around the tables. All of that was followed up by Family Reunion Homecoming. Many of our members came out and set up for homecoming under the Big Tent in the yard. We had an incredible service with the Webb Family leading us in worship. That was followed by dinner on the grounds under the Big Tent.

As we move forward, it is our hope that we will continue this great emphasis on family. Every person who attends South Elm Street Baptist Church is part of our family. Our goal is to make sure that everyone who comes hears the Gospel and has an opportunity to receive Jesus as their Savior and Lord. Then we all will be part of the family of God.

Every event that we have in the future, every worship experience, every Bible study and every activity is for the purpose of building family. We do not want anyone left out. We desire for every person to have the privilege to receive Jesus and thus grow in how Christ wants to lead us. Our goal every time we gather, whether Sunday mornings, in Connection Sunday School, Sunday evenings, Wednesday evenings, or Bible Studies, is to build trust among each other as the family of God. Who does not want to belong to a family? Come join our family!

In Christ,