Romania is one of the most beautiful countries you could imagine. It is mile after mile of fields of corn. Agribusiness is the leading means of support. As you travel through the country, you see all types of farms and farm equipment. Most of the people work in some sort of agriculture.

The people are welcoming and loving. In Romania the ROMA have found a home. The ROMA people are distinctive with their olive skin. They are a working class of people. They are very poor and work jobs that no one else wants to work. They are all manual laborers. Most do not have cars and many do not even have electricity. They remind me of the shepherds in the Bible. They do the work that no one else will do and they are definitely looked down upon. Many resort to dishonest practices and alcohol. They tend to be a bit dirtier. Many live in conditions that are deplorable. They live in filth, with great smells. They are viewed as liabilities rather than assets to society.

Because they do not own very much, they seem quite content and somewhat happy. Music fills their lives. They seem very appreciative for anything that is done for them. My investment in these rejected people has been more than fulfilling for me. I went to teach them, and yet they have taught me. They have taught me love. I have never been loved or revered any more than by these people. They love me for my time, investment and words of instruction. I have been told they often refer to the teachings that I have shared with them to lead their churches. When I visit their villages, I am treated with the highest of respect and honor. They give me their best. I am given the seat of honor in their homes. They listen intently as I talk or teach. They hinge on every word as if their lives depend on it. The questions they ask are not to trap me or trip me up, but they are genuine in wanting to know, wanting to learn.

When I am with the ROMA, I see that Jesus really did die and rise from the dead for everyone. Having gone to Haiti and having led a voodoo priest to the Lord, and having gone to Romania and having led these great people the ROMA, I could say that I have been to the uttermost parts of the earth. But I also realize that they are no more lost than people right here in America, some even in our own church. With our many attitudes of prosperity and arrogance as well as a sense of spiritual superiority among so many, just maybe we are the uttermost part of the earth. The Scripture has said of spiritual arrogance, “They have a form of godliness that denies the power of God.”

For me, it was quite humbling to realize that the ROMA trusted every word I said. They watched my life and they act like me. Wow! I must show them Jesus and His Word.

In Christ’s service,


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