As I have observed people over the course of the last few months, I have realized that something is missing. People seem to be so preoccupied and somewhat in distress. There seems to be a sense of dissatisfaction. Trouble seems to be overtaking almost everyone, even believers. There is a sense of lostness. People are short with others. Anger seems to be the order of the day. As you drive, watch other drivers who drive with reckless abandon. So, what is the answer?

 David’s life was a nightmare. He was in total disarray. He had made so many bad decisions and life was getting harder by the minute. Despair was setting in, and gloom was the order of the day. In short, David was at wit’s end. Having nowhere else to turn, David prayed to God. He asked God, “restore to me the joy of Your salvation.” (Psalm 51:12) David came to understand that peace and contentment only comes from being in a right relationship with God. When we are right with God then we can trust Him with every aspect of our lives. David was learning that and he has passed that along to us. What is missing in our lives is what was missing in David’s life, the joy of being confident in a faithful God. The call is to trust God so much that we can only have joy when we yield our whole being to Him.

 What is missing from our lives? Joy! We need to come to a place of complete trust in God. Then and only then, will we have joy in our lives. If you do not have joy in your life, then check your relationship with God. The Bible further teaches throughout the Scriptures, “The joy of the Lord in my strength.” When we experience God’s joy, we become strong. We become strong enough to face any and everything that comes our way in life. May your life be filled with the joy of the Lord.

In Christ,



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