Connection/Sunday School

The reason we call Sunday School Connection groups, is because it is through Connection that you connect with God in His Word and with other believers as you study His Word. You develop a routine for studying and examining the Word of God. It is a place where you can develop relationships that will help sustain you and support you during the daily living of your Christian life. You will have someone to come alongside of you and hold you accountable. You will also find a group of people who will become personally concerned with you and your life. You will develop prayer relationships. In Connection you will find that there is strength in numbers.

 I would challenge every believer to try Connection for two months. I am certain at the end of two months your Connection group will become your family. You will want to come and hear and see what God is doing in the lives of others. You will connect with God by connecting with others. Nothing is more exciting than learning a new truth that you have not discovered.

 It is so powerful to see the light come on when a person recognizes a new truth. Connection helps you see more clearly what God is doing in our world. Join us next Sunday at 9:40am for Connection/Sunday School. There is a place for you. Try it. You just may discover that you like it.

 Let’s join together and form a teaching ministry that will captivate our hearts and lives. If you want to grow closer to the Lord, allow this great ministry to help you develop a Biblical basis for all that you do.

 Your Pastor and Friend,