Zach and Abby's Wedding

This past Friday, Jenny and I left Greensboro at 7:00AM and flew on Delta to Atlanta and then on to Des Moines, Iowa. We were either in the plane, in the airport or in the car for most of the day. As we journeyed through Iowa, the heartland of America, we were in awe of the beauty of the Mid-West corn fields. For miles upon miles were rolling hills and lush green fields of corn and soy beans. The sky was clear and the day was bright. We saw wind turbines, better know as wind mills, creating electricity.

It was overwhelming. We passed farm after farm. Not very many towns, just farms were the order of the day. We passed no schools or communities with houses. Merely farms all along the way. We were in awe as we drove. Every so often, we would pass a store or a gas station. Several times we came upon a small, very small, town. Then after nearly a three hour drive, we arrived in Algona, Iowa. It seemed like an oasis in the middle of all of the fields. We checked into our fairly new hotel. We were received very warmly. Then we arrived just in time for the rehearsal dinner for Zach and Abby.

One by one, we met Abby’s family. In no time at all, we were made to feel a very welcomed part of her family. Abby’s mother and father were more than welcoming to us. Then we met her grandmother and great-aunt. The great-aunt made us feel right at home as she greeted us with, “How are y’all doin’?” From Iowa all of her life, she has made the transition to the South by moving and living in Mississippi. The wedding was fabulous. The Gospel was presented in a very unique way. Pastor Peter Tolbert and I became instant friends and brothers in Christ. Everyone was so surprised that you made it possible for Jenny and I to be a part of that great day.

I told everyone there that we certainly are going to be Abby’s family in North Carolina. It seemed to put a whole lot of minds and hearts at rest. Abby’s father said over and over, how much he appreciated you making it possible for us to be there. He sent his heart-felt thanks. I discovered yet once again, that God has His people everywhere. In a few weeks, I will travel with our team to Romania to find brothers and sisters in Christ there as well. Our family, God’s family, truly is strategically placed in our world. We are so blessed to be a part of such a large family, worldwide.

Thank you for sending Jenny and me to represent us at Zach and Abby’s wedding. I was able to share a few minutes at the reception as to our love for Zach and Abby. I shared about God bringing them together and into our family. I also roasted Zach a bit. As I always say, I told the people at the reception after Abby and Zach said their “I do’s” Abby was to look at Zach and say, “Some things are going to change around here.” Well, she told him at the reception at my request and the people loved it. We are truly blessed that Zach and Abby McCraw are a part of our family. 

In Christ, Lawrence